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Knowing your Google ranking​

 Local Businesses that are in need of local ranking in google search and google maps. Both google search and google ranking in the top (NAPS) map search are important, but which search form is more Important?

Google My Business Page​ Set up

  Without a doubt in today's internet world if you own a business you need to be on Google My Business which is a fancy google+ page.  In the past you could be the top 10 businesses in the area listed under your specific niche and reach the google maps listing.  Nowadays you have to be able to reach the top 3 listed in google maps results to get any website leads.

Online marketing strategies​

Leads can come from anywhere and I can say for a fact if you pay for print ad leads you are at a loss.  In today's day in age prospects first turn to their mobile internet capable phones to connect with business owners.   

As you can see the figure above, the google maps listing in a local search.  What I see is the top 3 businesses in the search.  If you are not the top listing on google maps you are not a viable internet website listing.  Even if you are #1 in google search.  Call us we can explain more....

Google Search Resutls

Organic Search Results

Google has over 250 guidelines for ranking in the top search results for your business.  So why do 95% of all local business owners neglect to administer even a quarter of the optional google criteria necessary?  One reason is time, duh, time is the leading factor but how about those business owners who hired someone for web design and just got mediocre​ ​results?  Those 250 google guidelines to rank are detailed but using common sense Rahunt Internet Realty can assess your website listing and determine the causes for weak rankings.   

We cannot stress enough next to the google maps listings, being #1 in google search results gets 90% of the internet traffic.  

Ranking page 1​

​​Getting to know Google is no easy task, but by taking a broader look of what Google is and what they are looking for we can use a little common sense to get listed on front page results.  Here's the common sense way of ranking on Google, drum roll please.....

It's content! It's authoritative, keyword rich, unique high quality content!

There is no secret to this, content is King.  Google Loves Content.  Content comes in many forms, words on a page while the pictures tells the story.

So if you're reading this asking yourself what is all the big hubbub about search engine optimization?  Realizing  that it is quite simple, all you have to do is put words to the page.  This is the signal most common mistake business owners commit and fail to complete.  

Call me today for a Free Local Business SEO Analysis. 

Google reads your websites from left to right, top to bottom. Pictures without titles are skipped and the page lacking unique copy gets passed over. Meanwhile your page ranking gets pushed back, falling to the first, second, third pages and no one ever sees your website listing. Business owners enter the Google Oblivion.

Getting on Google search results is really quite that simple if nothing else use content, tell a story and put it on the webpage,  Now let's be real and let's be Frank.  I am a SEO artist, it is true that you can improve your Google search rankings easily by adding fresh unique content but, this is where I come in, I offer SEO services because I know the process I know the obstacles that you must surpass to get up to the number one spot in Google search results and in Google Maps.  You only get to know these secrets by experience and a lifetime of tuition.  

Getting indexed on Google​

By following the process of getting ranked on google anyone can do it.  Let's be honest it's very time consuming and you have to manage it. This is why I choose local business owners to help.   We feel that local business owners need to spend more time tending to their businesses and allowing someone like myself to get the process done quickly and efficiently.  Now just like anything else you get what you pay for but our simple packages can be a starting point. So we can start a relationship with Google and build from it.  We offer Flat fee rates to build upon your Google relationship.  

Lead Generation

If you are a business owner in the White Mountains Arizona area I would like to help you find leads.  The basis of my company is to create a lead generation website, complete with content, contact forms and a call tracking phone number.  Next is what I call the incubation phase where we let Google do it's thing and we have fun with Google ad words driving paid traffic to your site.  In other words while we wait for Google to rank your website we use Google ad words to drive traffic and place the ads at the top of every Google search related to your business.  Targeted  traffic to your website.

Google ad words can be very expensive and for sure Google knows how to take your money.  Solution is you can pay someone like me to monitor and to adjust appropriately where your ads are placed, the time they are placed and the amount of money that you spend on ads on a  daily basis. These are very important factors.   Now for highly competitive keywords you may need to spend upwards to I would say on average $25 a day for this area.  But fear not, I know Google ad words pretty well and I would say that an average business owner would need to spend five dollars a day per ad to get promising results.  

Getting market leads
 My Google ad words management fee is $200 a month.  You Set The Daily Budget.  This way you can run your business daily operations without worry of overspending on advertising.  I would also watch google ad placement to make sure we are targeting you businesses main long tail key words. With that we can also make sure we run ads at the appropriate times during the day.  You do not want to run ads when you are not available to answer calls. 

Now maybe you've tried Google ad words before and did not get practical results I am here to tell you that they made Google ad words complicated for a reason ha ha,  let me take control of your advertising.  Actually if you want fast results this is the best way to approach targeted lead generation.  

The beautiful thing about Google ad words is that they tell us insights about what keywords people are clicking on to find your local business.  This little trick is what I call thank you Google for helping with all of the best keywords I need to use on your website.....  so now you know my secret?, not quite.  :)

There is a lot more Internet Marketing that we can do such as Facebook ads which are highly effective in certain businesses, twitter ads which has not caught on yet but probably will, and telling the world on YouTube what your business is all about.  

These are all fantastic ideas, but it is not necessary to spend a bundle to get leads.



Serious business owners are online​

Google Local wants you to take your business to the next level.  Using Google search as a tool we can generate leads straight to your business doors organically. Google wants to promote your local business we just have to set up the relationship correctly.  Why do you think Google maps exists at the top of every google local search?  

Step one, lets build that google maps page up so you can get found first.  

Step two, lets build a simple yet effective website to voice your local business services.

Step three, we want to make sure we knock out the leader in your search results.....

This all takes time and patience but when done right you will have an ally in the internet trenches.